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virtual CFO services 

For ambitious service providers who want to grow the smart way

What do I do?

full-stack accounting, compliance and advisory for solopreneurs generating 150K + in revenue

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Let's get your numbers working for you not against you. 

If you are a Canadian solopreneur making $150K+ you need something more than an accountant who files your returns once a year and sends you a
Christmas card. 

You need a partner who can give you the financial insights you need to grow. 

Lozynsky CPA is founded on the belief that small businesses deserve big business attention. 

Overwhelmed by the numbers?

Not sure where your business stands financially

Worried you are not in compliance with the CRA

Having trouble growing because you don't know which levers to pull

Not sure how your business ties in with your personal and family finances

There's good news...

Taking control of your numbers will unlock business growth

Having a CPA in your corner means you never have to worry about the CRA 

Aligning your family and business finances will put you in the best position to reach your goals

Sleep well at night knowing the numbers side of your business is taken care of


Yuriy is very knowledgeable, friendly and extremely patient. 

His help and guidance has got my books in order and has me caught up with the CRA. He's also taken time to set me up on Quickbooks and trained me on how to use the platform. I'm now empowered to manage my own books and save time & energy.

He is an accountant that truly cares about his clients. 

Nancy Cheung

Managing director of branding

O'Leary Financial Group & O'Leary Ventures

What do I do?

I help you see what the numbers in your business are telling you so you can double down on what works and grow. 

We work together to create a strategy that aligns with your personal and professional goals. 

I'm there as an advisor, advocate and business partner helping you stay in your zone of genius knowing the numbers side of your business is taken care of. 


Who I help

Canadian coaches, consultants and other service providers

150K +in annual revenue

up to 10 employees on payroll

growth minded and collaborative founders


3 ways I can help

monthly retainer

Bookkeeping, payroll, sales tax

Quarterly review calls


Corporate year-end 

Personal tax for owner and family

starting at

monthly investment

Virtual CFO

$ 895 

Cashflow and performance forecasts

one time service

Complete financial system plan (document management, banking, invoicing, bill payments, bookkeeping, sales and income tax, cashflow management, payroll, reporting, performance monitoring)

Step-by-step guidance on setup including templates, checklists and questionnaires


3 x 1H calls with Yuriy for questions and implementation support

one time investment

Business Transformation

$ 3950 

one time service

During the call we will assess your specific situation. You can ask me anything. My goal is to guide you towards clarity and help you make a plan for any issues you are facing or questions you may have.
The call is tailored to your needs. Once you have booked the hour I will send you a questionnaire to get to know your business needs better. 

one time investment

1H  Clarity Call

$ 399 

This is for you if

You are a Canadian coach, consultant or other
service provider generating $150K+ in annual revenue

Your business is a sole prop or incorporated

You are a collaborative entrepreneur who is
looking to take control of their numbers and grow!

This is for you if

Your business is taking off and you know you
need to set up your financial systems for success

You need help understanding the numbers side of your business but are not sure where to start

You want someone to walk you through the 

set-up process and help you implement

This is for you if

You have a specific question/ problem and
you want a CPA to review and give you your options

You want a second opinion on your specific situation

You have a laundry list of questions and 
would like to get some clarity 

Together we will...

How it works


Set up your business finances the right way so that you can get clarity on where you stand

After the good fit call we can begin the preliminary onboarding process. I will collect basic information, send an engagement letter and handle payment setup. 

Generate financial insights that will point you in the direction of growth 

I will then create a client portal and I will guide you through uploading the required documents

Ensure all your CRA requirements are compliant so that you can sleep better 

We will then schedule a kick-off call and get to work!

Align your personal and business finances to make sure you and your family are taking advantage of every possible tax-planning opportunity

Total onboarding time varies depending on client response time, but generally takes 1-2 weeks.

Not sure what you need? 

Book a 1 hour clarity call with Yuriy.


What to expect on the call

During the call we will assess your specific situation. You can ask me anything. My goal is to guide you towards clarity and help you make a plan for any issues you are facing or questions you may have.
The call is tailored to your needs. Once you have booked the hour I will send you a questionnaire to get to know your business needs better. 

I take a holistic approach when working with my clients. We don't just talk about tax compliance and deadlines. That's a given. I help you see the full financial picture so you can make strategic business decisions and make sure your business, family and personal assets are protected.


Brandon Weiss

It is great to have the personal touch that Yuriy provides. He takes the time to understand your goals and will hone them in and set you up strategically. It has taken a great load off my back (and my family’s) to have Yuriy handle this side of our lives. 

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Ray Bryant

Owner, Bryant Electric

I transferred my business to Yuriy after being with a firm that treated me like a number. It was an easy decision. Yuriy is available to answer all of my questions and considers every scenario both for my business and my family. He has given me real confidence in the next chapter of our strategic growth as a business. 

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Marianne Bell

Co-founder, Toxon Ventures

I was tired of being afraid to call my accountant because I wasn’t sure how much it was going to cost my business or who I would get on the phone. I was looking for someone who would not just file my annual taxes but would help guide me strategically. Working with Yuriy has helped me take control of the financial side of my business and I feel confident in my business decisions as a result. I love that Yuriy takes care of our personal family taxes as well, since they are so closely tied to my business.


There's accountants and then there's accountants

Solopreneurs deserve something more 

When I first started my business many of my clients came to me because they were dissatisfied with their current accountants. Why? Often times they would hear from them once a year when tax time rolled around and the rest of the time they were on their own. 


As a business owner myself, I understand how overwhelming business finances can be for someone who is not a trained CPA. It's a lot. 


The reality is that many solopreneurs are leaving their hard-earned money on the table, slowing their growth or worse, getting into issues with the CRA. 


Hi, my name is Yuriy and I built my practice around the actual needs of business owners like you and me! 

If you are looking for something more from your accountant, you have come to the right place. 


Realtor, RARE Real Estate Inc. 

 Yuriy was instrumenal at guiding me through the entire process of starting my own company from square one. He made sure to take the time to explain every step so that I was comfortable and understood what we were doing.  I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to get started organizing their business and finances.

Ben Pilgrim

Lozynsky CPA Professional Corporation

295 Robinson St. #100


L6J 1G7


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